We started on ebay and Amazon selling books, refurbished harmonicas, etc.  as EEZYREEDER. Then we bought out a major harmonica store, the Farrell company, and were catapulted into business! Soon we signed up with all the major harmonica companies and became a top seller for several companies. At times we also sell other musical instruments, such as melodicas, percussion instruments, ukuleles, flutes, etc. This has been a lot of fun and we are well known in the harmonica world for eezyreeder harmonicas, especially on ebay.  The proprietor of this store is a bit of a harmonica expert and fanatic.

We also sell some pocket knives.  We also do this on ebay as EEZYDEELZ. Why?  Well, because they are compact and everyone needs one, right?  We've signed up with several major knife distributors and now we carry Boker, Kershaw, CRKT, Spyderco, Meyerco, Marbles, Rough Rider and other folding and fixed blade knives.  Everybody should have at least one good pocket knife!  

In all we sell we seek to treat our customers as we would like to be treated, as the wisest man who ever lived taught. Who knows where all this will take us?!  We hope you will enjoy our merchandise and find it useful and fun.  We want to be a blessing to folks and many of our customers have become our friends.