PADDY RICHTER Amazing 20 Deluxe Harmonica by Kongsheng


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Kongsheng "Amazing 20 Deluxe" Harmonica


Black ABS Comb

Paddy Richter tuning means the 3 blow is raised a step for easy playing of Irish tunes and jazz in other modes. This model features a black ABS comb with inset reedplates. The reeds are Phosphor Bronze and welded in place. This model is very similar to the Suzuki Harpmaster. I am amazed at how well it plays! It plays at least as well as a Harpmaster, and perhaps as well as a Special 20. I can even get the six hole overblow right out of the box. Bends come easily and it is air-tight. Wow. What an nice harp, and especially at this incredibly low price. You will not be disappointed. These have been getting rave reviews in the harmonica world!

Yes, some high quality harmonicas are actually now being made in China. It was bound to happen. I have some other models and will also have a Kongsheng chromatic in stock later this summer. You will be pleasantly surprised by these harps, just as I have been.