Buckeye Soul's Voice 16 Hole Chromatic Harmonica Key of C w/ABS Comb & Wooden Case


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These harmonicas were apparently made for the Buckeye music festivals. I just recently acquired  a number of these. They are basically the same size as a Hohner 280 but have a mouthpiece similar to the Suzukis. The comb is black ABS and they appear to be gold plated. The box is wooden. Some of the boxes show slight shelf wear. I read the reeds are phosphor bronze.

I've tried one of these and  they are pretty air tight and play well. It is much better than some other less expensive chromatics I have tried.

I found out they were specially made for Buckeye by Qi Mei in China. They play well and sold for about $180


• holes: 16, 4 octave range
• reeds: 64
• comb: ABS

This model has about the same dimensions as the Hohner 280.