Bushman Delta Frost Original COMES WITH A FREE BABY BUSHMAN!


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The Delta Frost Original has a plastic comb that’s got comfort tipped tines and rounded corners to provide maximum player comfort. The plastic comb is sandwiched in between the two reed plates using 8 screws to achieve the most airtight connection possible. All Delta Frosts have stainless steel cover plates that are opened in back for maximum volume production. Most harmonicas have brass reeds, but all of our Delta Frost harmonicas have Magna Koppar reeds that are made of long lasting phosphor bronze. If your Original ever goes out of tune, don’t throw it away! Just get a new set of Magna Koppars for it. The Original is available in 14 keys including the 12 standard keys plus Low F and High G, and it’s backed by Bushman’s “60 Day No-Blow-Out” Warranty. All of the parts of the Delta Frost Original are interchangeable with both our Delta Frost Woody and Delta Frost Steelie. We’ve worked hard to make the Delta Frost the most versatile, easy to work on and customize diatonic on the market. It comes in the popular 12-TET Equal Temperament intonation, but you’d prefer to have it setup in 19-Limit Just intonation let us know in the note section.