The Woody gives players that rich, mellow, traditional harmonica tone that can only comb from a harmonica with a hardwood comb. Each tooth is sanded and rounded for comfort. Most harmonicas have brass reeds, but all of our Delta Frost harmonicas have Magna Koppar reeds that are longer lasting, copper colored, phosphor bronze. If your Steelie ever goes out of tune, you can get money saving replacement reed plates for it. The Woody is available in the 6 best selling keys: A, Bb, C, D, F and G. The Woody is backed by Bushman’s “60 Day No-Blow-Out” Warranty. All parts of the Woody are interchangeable with both our Delta Frost Original and Delta Frost Steelie. So if you want a Woody in a key that we don’t offer, simply order a Delta Frost Original in the the key you want, then just order a a hardwood comb and build your own harmonica using the reed plates from the Original. We’ve worked hard to make the Delta Frost the most versatile, easy to work on, adjust, tune and customize diatonic on the market. If you don’t have a preference between 12-TET Equal Temperament intonation (Equal) and Compromised Just intonation (Just) we’ll ship you Equal tuning automatically; however if you want Just tuning, let us know in the note section.