Circular Tuned Seydel Favorite Harmonica

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The Seydel Blues Favorite Harmonica

Circular/Melody King Tuning

The major scale can be played simply by alternating draws and blows (no note bending is required). On a Circular tuned harmonica up to 12 different chords can be played depending upon which channels are played at a time. Therefore it's not so easy to label this tuning correctly. The first note in channel one blow is the key displayed on the harp, though the major scale is playable 5 semitones (a fourth) higher than the key the harp is labelled in. The major scale thus starts in hole 2 draw. With a Circular E you can easily play major tunes in A, and Fm and Cm are also pretty easy to do.

What a beauty!  If you like the Hohner Meisterklasse you will love these!  Seydel is the ONLY harmonica company in the world still making all their harps --and all their parts-- in Germany the old fashioned way --and each is hand tuned.  These are extremely high quality instruments.

  • Jet cut aluminium comb
  • German silver reedplates
  • Sleek ergonomic cover plates produce a rounded sound
  • Genuine leather sleeve case

James Cotton plays and endorses Seydel harps! Blues harp legend and Seydel endorser Charlie Musselwhite says: "Man oh man I have to tell you  - these Seydel harps are fabulous.  I really love them."  Mark Hummel and a growing numbers of other professionals play and endorse Seydels.  These are some of the best harmonicas made in the world.

Seydel is the oldest ongoing harmonica factory, having started in 1847, and it was Hohner's biggest competitor until after World War II, when it ended up on the wrong side of the Iron curtain.  It survived that period and is now coming into it's own again, but, unlike Hohner, this is a small factory still making harmonicas the old fashioned way, on old machinery, and by hand.  They take great pride in their work.  I know, because I visited the factory and met the craftsmen there.  Their web site is