Easttop Gris Gris Vintage Tuned Blues Harmonica - Pro40


The Easttop "Gris Gris" Professional Harmonica
Model PRO40 With A Sealed Wood Comb
Open Back, Bolted Assembly, Vintage Tuning

The Gris Gris Pro40 is one of the latest entries from Easttop and it is a winner. The reviews are glowing. It has a sealed wood comb, an open back for more volume, and the stainless steel covers are quadruple bolted. It comes with a nice zippered case. They describe the tuning as "Vintage Tuning for the Little Walter sound." 

I've been very surprised by this hot new harp brand. They are putting out some great models that play exceptionally well. I tried Easttop harps a few years ago at NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants trade show and I was astounded at the quality. (And those were some of the entry level models. This Gris Gris model is quite a step up.) I recently tried out the Gris Gris and I was very impressed --shocked, in fact. It played wonderfully right out of the box, had some real weight to it, and bended and even overblew easily. Wow. The comb is a beautiful sealed wood. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, just as I was.


  • Standard Richter Tuned in "Vintage Tuning."
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 100*28*18mm (Standard 10 Hole Diatonic Size about 4" x 1")
  • Number of holes: 10 holes
  • Comb Material: Sealed Wood
  • Phosphour Bronze Reeds
  • Stainless steel quadruple bolted covers