Easttop Brass Comb 16 Hole 64 Reed Chromatic


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Easttop Brass Comb T1664

A brass combed 16 hole chromatic at an amazing price!

Compare this brass comb chromatic with those costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars more! Flat Black Powder Coated Brass Coverplates, with Laser etching, Phosphor Bronze Reeds, Welded and Individually Hand tuned! My supplier has gone over these and replaced the mouthpiece screws with superior thicker steel screws, so they have been upgraded a bit. 


  • 1.19 mm Chrome Plated Brass Reed Plates held in place with 13 Stainless Steel Screws 
  • Solid Brass Comb
  • 3 additional screws  behind the mouthpiece
  • Precision Milled Ramps on holes 1 thru 4 
  • Precision milled two piece mouthpiece assembly - only .002" slide clearance
  • Mouthpiece is Gold Plated with round holes - Cross Tuned
  • Sturdy Plastic Fitted Case