EASTTOP Two-Sided Tremolo - Keys of C and G Solo Tuned


2 Sided Tremolo Harmonica
2 Keys of C and G in One Harmonica
Solo Tuned

This Easttop T24-2 is a two-sided tremolo harmonica that has C on one side and G on the other. This is very similar to the Hohner 2 sided Echo, but is solo tuned rather than Richter tuned. I prefer solo tuning on a tremolo for playing melodies. It is the same size as the large Hohner 56/96. Of course the Hohner costs about $170 more. 


    • Length 7"
    • Tuning: Solo two-row
    • Type: tremolo harmonica
    • Number of holes: 2 x 48
    • Cover plates: stainless steel
    • Tonal range: 3.5 octaves