Hohner Comet 20 Double Hole Octave Tremolo Harmonica C Model 2504/40


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Hohner Comet Model 2504/40
Octave Tremolo Harmonica in C

An Octave harmonica has two holes for the same note, an octave apart for a great full sound. these are excellent instruments and they are made in Germany.

The elegant Comet series boasts an eye-catching streamlined design which is combined with opulent gold anodized covers and a solid plastic comb to create a distinctive and attractive overall concept. The projecting rounded channel dividers in the mouthpiece area offer the player fascinating possibilities of varying the sound and make the Comet a delight for both eyes and ears. 


• Red injection molded plastic comb

• 0.9 mm brass reed plates

• 40 brass reeds

• Anodised aluminium covers with red embossing

• Stylish design

• Made in Germany