Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica


Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica

Attractive 1950s look, with full length covers, closed at the sides. The Golden Melody is the only Hohner diatonic harp featuring equal tempered tuning which makes it especially suitable for solo melody playing.  Curved cover plates extend the entire length of the harmonica, providing increased resonant capacity. Reeds are set close to the open-framed mouthpiece and respond  to the most subtle of commands, making the Golden Melody perfect for overblowing as well as bending. 10 single holes, 20 reeds. Length: 4-1/8.”

Eezyreeder is an Authorized Hohner Dealer.  This Harmonica is Under Hohner's Warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: A HARMONICA CANNOT EVER BE RETURNED TO A DEALER ONCE IT HAS BEEN PLAYED! THIS IS FORBIDDEN BY HEALTH REGULATIONS AND ALSO MANUFACTURER'S POLICIES.  If there is a manufacturing defect or problem with a new harmonica it can be returned to the Hohner  USA service center for warranty service. I will be happy help you with this process if needed.