JDR Ninja Harmonica


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JDR has a nice new line of harmonicas out. The Ninja is one of them. (Their "Trochilus" is causing quite a stir, which is also marketed as the Bushman Game Changer. I have some of those in a separate listing.) The Ninja is a great harp at a very reasonable price. It has round holes, like the Kongsheng Mars and is a very similar design and about the same size. It is sleek, black and has an open back for more volume. I find it bends and plays very easily. On a G I took out of stock for myself I can get overblows on the 4, 5, and 6 holes right out of the box with no adjustment. Harmonica player and designer par excellence Brendan Power says of the JDR: "they are making some fantastic harmonicas."

Here is what JDR says about this harmonica:
  • Crafted from premium materials and expertly designed to a deliver rich, full-bodied sound. The JDR Ninja harmonica is the perfect choice for professional musicians and beginners alike.
  • Rich Sound & Excellent Airtightness: 1.2mm thick plate and precision round ABS makes it easier to obtain higher pitch and rich sound. High-grade copper cover plate is electroplated and frosted. The retro frosted cover is not easy to leave fingerprints and scratches, and the concave radian design makes it easier to hold.
  • Unique Soldering Process: JDR Ninja adopts the same manufacturing process and special processing as Suzuki. Its rugged construction and tough steel reeds ensure that it can withstand the rigors of frequent use and still sound great, even after years of playing. The round mouthpiece design makes it easier to play and less prone to air leakage.
  • Unfading markings: The scale markings on the harmonica are not ordinary printed, but laser engraved and never fade. Each harmonica is carefully tuned and tested before leaving the factory. Whether you are an intermediate or a beginning player, it is easy to play.
  • Dimensions: 4.14" X 1.18" X 0.87" and weight of about 90g
  • Comes with a premium decorative box and a dust cloth.