KB12 Boogie Man Chromatic by Kongsheng C, A, or G in Dark Gray, White, Turquoise, or Crystal


Kongsheng KB-12 Boogie.Man
Chromatic Harmonica Key of C, A, or G

Dark Gray, White, Turquoise, Crystal Clear

Amazing New Chromatic in the CX-12 Style

This new chromatic made a big hit this past summer at SPAH, the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica. This chromatic plays much better than the similar WH-12 from Golden Butterfly. I think it actually plays very close to the Hohner CX-12, but is $160 less in price! (I've tried them all.) I think you will be very happy with one of these! I sold one to a friend who plays Jazz chromatic and he called me because he liked it so much and he ordered another!

  • Color: Dark Gray, White, Turquoise, Crystal Clear
  • Number of holes: 12
  • Key C, A, or G