Lucky 13 Harmonica Designed by Brandon Power - Extended Range!

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New Design! 13 Holes! Extra Bass Chord!
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The Lucky 13 was designed by BRENDAN POWER in association with EASTTOP. This is the world's first 13-hole harmonica!  It has the same 7.5mm hole spacing as a normal 10-hole harp, which means it's easy to adapt to. (If you know about the Hohner Steve Baker Special, this harmonica is similar in the Richter version. It has the chord on the bottom end there twice, one in the lower range, then one in the regular range.) The Lucky 13 comes with a nice zippered case.

  • Comfortable smooth coverplates, bottom cover raised at the bass end so the draw reeds never rattle
  • Solid comb, flat-sanded.
  • Durable phosphor-bronze reeds 
  • Thick chromed reedplates, secured with 11 screws for uniform airtightness 
  • Clear visual numbering on top coverplate 
  • Key indicators on front and ends of the comb, for those who like to stack harps vertically 
  • Unique LOOK-DOTS: handy little position markers on the front of the comb, which ensure you'll never lose your place on this bigger harp.


Exactly 4 octave range in standard Richter tuning, with a fat lower octave added on to the normal 10-hole range - great for chords and octaves! Clear visual numbering on the top cover relates to the 10-hole diatonic, for familiarity. Standard and Low harps combined = Two Harps in One!


Solo Tuning is used on chromatic harmonicas, so many players will be familiar with it. An excellent tuning for playing pop melodies, it’s also great for playing 3rd Position Blues and Celtic music. It’s half-valved, to give strong, expressive blow notes as well as bendable draw notes on the odd-numbered holes.