Mars M2 Aluminum Comb Harmonica the "King Kong" - WOW! Great Harp!


MARS M2 by Kongsheng

Some are calling this the "King Kong!"
The Space Age Harp With Round Holes and an Aluminum Comb!

Choice of Red/Silver, Gold/Silver, or Gold/Gold

M2, is the first non-custom round hole harmonica with an aluminum comb, has superior bend-ability, awesome response, excellent air-tightness and bright tone. This harp is a recommended go-to harp for professional players and also perfect for beginners! I tried a C and can overblow down to the 2 blow, right out of the box! I would personally say next to the Seydel 1847 Noble, Classic and Silver, this is the best harp I've played!

  • Round hole provides more comfortable playing
  • Adopting new process and design for the comb, which creates very smooth hand feeling.
  • Number of Holes: 10
  • Model Number: M2
  • Type: Richter Diatonic
  • Reed Material: Phosphor Bronze
  • Comb Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Dimension: 102mm or 4 inches (standard size)