Seydel Big Six Classic in a Can!


The Amazing Seydel BIG SIX

Harmonica in a Can 

Stainless Steel Reeds - 100% German Made. Choose Either Blues (Richter) or Folk (Solo) Tuning from the drop down menu.

This is a scaled down version of the Seydel 1847 Classic that features a beautiful sealed wood comb, air-tight bolted construction and stainless steel reeds.

The BIG SIX Blues is a standard diatonic harp in the key of C (holes 1-6 of a standard blues harp) and is therefore great for Blues. If you are a Blues player who usually plats in "Cross Harp" also known as Second Position, then choose Blues tuning.

The BIG SIX Folk Tuning is Solo tuned, in other words, holes 4-9 of a C harmonica, but lowered for one octave, and so you get 12 tones.  Folk tuning is for major melodies in C and is also good for Dm in third Position.

It comes with a lanyard to hang it around your neck. Don't be fooled by the size! This harp really packs a punch and is a professional model that overblows easily.

An eye-catcher with great playing features:

  • Great sound because of stainless steel reeds also used in Seydel's top-model the 1847!
  • Connection spot for the provided lanyard.
  • Packed into a tin-can, that serves as package but also as a resonator for many sound effects!
  • Sealed wooden comb made of beech wood.

Once opened this harmonica cannot be returned! However it is backed by the Seydel warranty against any manufacturing defects. We are an authorized Seydel dealer.