Seydel Session STEEL Blues Beginner Pack


SESSION STEEL Harmonica in C & introductory booklet & Audio-CD & Multimedia-Program for Mac/Windows/Linux
  • from the first note to your own solo
  • music reading not required
  • many sound examples on CD
  • multimedia software and mp3s
  • backing tracks to play along with
  • with convenient leather pouch 
Comes with high-class SESSION STEEL Blues harmonica with SEYDEL's unique Stainless Steel reeds - lives about 5 times longer than comparable brass-reeded models.
This workshop delivers the core knowledge of experienced harmonica players in a condensed format, presented in an educational and fresh style. All necessary topics are covered. Play music without reading the notes. Learn also on the computer - the workshop is additionally provided through easy-to-use multimedia-software on CD.

This guide will give you those tips and 'eureka' moments a beginner harmonica player would otherwise need a long time to discover.