Seydel Chromatic Deluxe Steel Harmonica - STAINLESS STEEL REEDS!


Seydel Chromatic Deluxe STEEL
Standard Solo Tuning, Orchestral Tuning, and Irish Tuning

Features Stainless Steel Reeds & Silver Plated Round Hole Mouthpiece!

Solo tuning is the standard note layout for chromatics. Orchestral is in C but starts on G. Irish tuning has the note go down instead of up when the button is pushed. (This tuning takes 3 or more weeks.)

This beauty features the same stainless steel reeds as the more expensive Seydel Saxony! 
It has a round-hole silver-plated mouthpiece and an acrylic comb. Essentially, this is a Saxony except with an acrylic comb instead of an aluminum comb.

This professional chromatic harmonica comes in a fresh new design:
  •     translucent-orange comb (CNC-milled)
  •     silver plated mouthpiece with round holes
  •     Solo-tuning with stainless steel reeds
  •     stainless steel covers and German silver reedplate