Suzuki Bluesmaster 6 Harmonica Set


Suzuki Bluesmaster 6 Harmonica Set

Includes C, G, A, D, F, and Bb. The Right Key for Every Song!

This is a terrific harp set at an amazingly low price! Comes with Suzuki USA Warranty

The Bluesmaster features Suzuki's reliable Phosphor Bronze laser tuned, bendable, reed system and smooth easy to handle polished stainless steel reed covers. This professional harmonica delivers superb sound projection and tonal clarity. The set includes a durable foam lined, divided case with a snap lock top that keeps your harmonicas together and positions your harps for easy access. The rugged new Bluesmaster is virtually indestructible! Look good, sound good, feel good with the Bluesmaster by SUZUKI.

PLEASE NOTE: A HARMONICA CANNOT EVER BE RETURNED TO A DEALER ONCE IT HAS BEEN PLAYED! THIS IS FORBIDDEN BY HEALTH REGULATIONS AND ALSO MANUFACTURER'S POLICIES. If there is a manufacturing defect or problem with a new harmonica it can be returned to the USA service center of the manufacturer for free warranty work. I will be happy help you with this process.

EEZYREEDER IS A FULLY AUTHORIZED SUZUKI USA DEALER. Buyers Beware! Only authorized USA dealers can offer you the Suzuki Warranty. If you buy from a foreign dealer Suzuki USA will not provide warranty service!