US WARRANTY Suzuki CHORD56 SSCH-56 Chromatic Size Chord Harmonica


The Revolutionary New Suzuki 
SSCH-56 Chord Harmonica

Beware of non-USA Sales! They have no Suzuki USA warranty and are gray market!

This is an amazing new harmonica!   The CHORD56 SSCH-56 will open many new doors for the passionate and curious harmonica player. It is completely groundbreaking in the world of harmonicas. With this instrument Suzuki Harmonicas show that they are truly a world leading harmonica developer. The instrument features all major, minor, augmented and diminished chords, inside a 14 hole chromatic harmonica. Incredible! The possibilities are endless; chord playing has never been so accessible and portable.  The new chord harp is built on the Sirius56 frame and, although the parts are not identical, some are interchangeable. Silver mouth piece, phosphor bronze reeds.

US buyers beware of Suzuki harmonicas sold from outside the USA. They will not be covered by Suzuki USA's warranty. You may save a few bucks, but you'll wait longer, have no warranty, and your product could be "gray market." Buy from an authorized US dealer! THERE IS ALSO ONE USA DEALER WITH CHEAP PRICES WHO CANNOT PROMISE A USA WARRANTY!  BUYER BEWARE!